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Learning From Dogs by Paul Handover

Available in Print & eBook. Please do find your way to supporting our pets in need. For a significant percentage of the net proceeds from you buying this book will go directly to carefully selected charities that care and find loving homes for our dear dogs. Please help this book return the love and affection that our dogs have given us.

Learning from Dogs

The book, that is, that was published in December, 2015.

The relationship between canids and humans goes back nearly 40,000 years, when dogs split away from wolves. With our dogs, we have traveled the ancient track from hunter-gatherers to modern humans. However, this track now seems to offer an uncertain future for humankind and society. Learning from Dogs shows how and why now, more than ever, we humans need to learn from our dogs.

Readers who love dogs, or any animals, will connect with this book and become more fully aware of why our animal friends are valuable to learn from, to help us heal the challenges of the 21st century. Occasionally launching into intellectual tangents that will provide intrigue and inspiration for the heart and soul, the book ultimately returns to the central thesis: “What we can (and should) learn from dogs.”

The Amazing World of Dogs

The Wonder of Dogs

The starting point must be the history of the relationship between humans and dogs. Looked at from a general perspective of that relationship, it is a breathtakingly wonderful story.

The origins of that first grey wolf or two starting to follow early humans around are lost in the mists of time. But we are certain that it was long before modern man settled down to an agricultural way of life, that it was back when we were still hunting and gathering.

Most hunter-gatherers were nomadic and survived more on scavenging than hunting, according to author Lewis Binford. But either way there would have been a great propensity to attract wolves and other similar animals. Somehow, somewhere a human reached out to a wolf and slowly over time each species became comfortable with the other.

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